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[+] 1. What is rabies?
[+] 2. How is rabies transmitted?
[+] 3. How does one treat an animal bite?
[+] 4. What should not be done with an animal bite wound?
[+] 5. How does rabies develop in humans?
[+] 6. What are the factors that influence development of rabies?
[+] 7. How long does it take for dogs and cats to develop rabies, and how long does a rabid animal survive?
[+] 8. What are the clinical features of rabies in dogs?
[+] 9. What are the signs and symptoms of rabies in humans?
[+] 10. Is there any specific treatment for a rabies patient?
[+] 11. Is rabies always fatal?
[+] 12. Is simply observing the biting dog or cat for 10 days without starting treatment justified?
[+] 13. Under what conditions do we have to take anti-rabies vaccination after being bitten?
[+] 14. Do you have to take vaccination against rabies if a vaccinated dog bites you?
[+] 15. If I am bitten by a rat do I require postexposure prophylaxis (PEP)?
[+] 16. What should be done if I am bitten by a bat?
[+] 17. Is PEP necessary if milk or milk products from an infected animal are consumed?
[+] 18. Can consumption of meat from an infected animal transmit rabies?
[+] 19. Is there a single-dose human rabies vaccine which will provide life-long immunity?
[+] 20. What is the rabies vaccination schedule for pet dogs?
[+] 21. What can be done for rabies prevention and control?
[+] 22. Is it possible to develop rabies from the vaccination?
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